Outer Reaches of Inner Self

Third International Visual Methods Conference 2013

Visual Methods in Mediated Environments: Connecting Diverse Worlds.

Exhibition:  Outer Reaches of Inner Self

Gallery: Nineteen Tory, Wellington, New Zealand.

Through textile explorations of cross-modal integration, this exhibition visually examines musical scales, intervals and the traditional score in the form of a fashion exhibit, where the audience may become immersed, and therefore, part of a visual musical score. 

Interpretations of the twelve distinct notes in a chromatic octave of the standard Western scale, and seven different notes in any diatonic scale, will challenge traditional theories on the organisation of sense modalities that speculate that humans perceive their world with five senses, predominantly sight.  These ideas will be challenged via the expressive language of fashion and through the interplay of cross modality. A component of this language is music, which plays a fundamental role as a language that elicits, through sound and rhythm, the way in which humans perceive and experience the world. In this instance, meaning will be conveyed in messages that are visual, haptic and contain implicit sound. 

Traditional craft techniques alongside laser cutting technology will be used to produce the exhibits.  Outer Reaches of Inner Self will explore my own interpretation of nominated scales, intervals and the traditional score, while viewers construct their own audible meanings from the visual cues.

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