Everyday Eros

Recycling broken jeans.

Made from 20 pairs of up-cycled denim jeans, Everyday Eros is for a contemporary bridegroom creating an opportunity to reflect a non-conventional identity in a conventional system. Denim jeans bring an authentic indication of his everyday reflecting raw energy and style.  This groom does not want to disappear under a suit of anonymity.

The raw denim embellishment represents this contemporary groom's ability to expose his love and raw passion but with faint reference to the harsher, non-revealing skin of a reptile. Scales created with layered denim hearts adorn his wings, along with forty fringed back jean pockets.  

This bridegroom has an eco-conscience and is wearing all up-cycled denim jeans-wear; something old, something nearly-new, something borrowed and something blue.

NB: An important aspect of Everyday Eros is in the consideration of resources purchased.  The jeans were bought from different sources, all with broken zips, and of generally unusable condition. 

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